2016 Science Fair Winners Announced

Science Fair Winners
Congratulations to our middle school students on the successful completion of our 2016 Science Fair. Sincere thanks to our science fair coordinators, Mrs. Woolfrey and Mrs. Cottingham, and our dedicated science fair judges who volunteered their time and expertise in support of our students.

We wish to congratulate all of our category winners (see below) and the following overall winners:
• Grand Champion: Jacob Andres
• 1st place: Zach Mills
• 2nd place: Gabe Short
• 3rd place: Nick Zervoudis

In addition to the four overall winners, the following students will be invited to represent All Saints at the Diocesan Science Fair in April: Elizabeth Kwari, Julia Woolfrey, Abigail Yelvington, Josh Dawson Eirian Crocker, and Tess Small.

The following is a list of 2016 Science Fair category winners:

Behavioral Science
1st place: Julia Woolfrey
2nd place: Lucy Avila
3rd place: Brianna Montgomery

1st place: Noah Castle
2nd place: Leo Kun

1st place: Grady Bachman
2nd place: Andrew Rice
3rd place: Miguel Garcia

1st place: Tess Small
2nd place: Abigail Yelvington
3rd place: Eirian Crocker

Earth & Space Science
1st place: Katie Ulrich
2nd place: Savannah Halstead

1st place: Elizabeth Kwari
2nd place: Bernadette Kwari
3rd place: Aidan Parker

Environmental Science
1st place: Nic Ferguson
2nd place: Amelia Slater
3rd place: Jenna Delaney

Medicine & Health
1st place: Erin Balagtas

1st place: Zach Mills
2nd place: Gabe Cabello
3rd place: Samantha Amancio

1st place: Gabe Short
2nd place: Peter Tessier
3rd place: Jacob Ullman

1st place: Jacob Andres
2nd place: Nick Zervoudis
3rd place: Josh Dawson