The Sentinel – October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013

Principal’s Message

At the close of last school year All Saints Catholic School conducted a Net Promoter Survey to measure parents’ overall satisfaction with the school and its programs. The Net Promoter Score is obtained by asking parents a single question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our organization to a friend or colleague?” Respondents are asked to rate the organization on a 0 to 10 scale, where 10 is “extremely likely” and 0 is “not at all likely.” Additional follow-up questions are asked to gather specific feedback that can be acted upon to improve an organization’s interactions with its customers.

Based on the responses, respondents are categorized into one of three groups:

·         Promoters (9–10 rating)

·         Passives (7–8 rating)

·         Detractors (0–6 rating)

The percentage of Detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of Promoters to obtain a Net Promoter Score (NPS). An NPS can be as low as -100 or as high as +100.

All Saints received a total of 101 completed surveys. Although the survey was not limited to one per household, given the current number of school families, the response rate is loosely estimated at 28%. (The first time we ran the Net Promoter Survey in late 2011, we received a 54% response rate.)

All survey respondents were asked the following question to begin the survey:  How likely would you be to promote All Saints Catholic School to a friend or colleague (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest)?

Overall, 101 survey respondents completed this question. In total, 48 survey respondents rated All Saints a 10, and 17 survey respondents rated All Saints a 9. Based on the total number of responses (101), the percentage of Promoters was 64% (65/101) vs. 74% in 2011.

A total of 17 survey respondents rated All Saints a 7 (10 responses) or 8 (7 responses) resulting in 17% of survey respondents. This percentage is similar to the 2011 survey in which 16% of survey respondents rated All Saints a 7 or 8.

In 2013, 19 survey respondents rated All Saints a 1 (2 responses), 2 (2 responses), 3 (2 responses), 4 (1 response), 5 (10 responses), or 6 (2 responses). Survey respondents who rated All Saints in the 0-6 range are considered Detractors. Based on the total number of responses, the percentage of Detractors was 19% (19/101). While there were also 19 survey respondents who were Detractors in 2011, they represented only 10% of the results at that time as a total of 186 parents participated in the survey. 

2013 Net Promoter Score = +45

% Promoters – % Detractors (+45 = 64% – 19%)

For Net Promoter Survey Graph – 2013 Results, please click on the following link:

Positive/Negative Feedback Analysis
While all positive feedback and constructive criticism is important, the following information highlights recurring positive and negative comments provided through the Net Promoter Survey.

Positive Feedback

All Saints received positive feedback regarding many aspects of the school. Themes voiced by a majority of survey respondents included the following:

  • Faculty and Staff – a significant number of survey respondents indicated that they rated All Saints highly due to the caring, concern, dedication, commitment and effectiveness of the teachers and staff.
  • School Environment – a significant number of survey respondents indicated that All Saints offers a warm environment and welcoming community.
  • Focus on Faith – a significant number of survey respondents indicated that they were pleased with the faith foundation being provided for their children.
  • Academics – a significant number of survey respondents indicated that they believe All Saints provides a quality education for their children.
  • Leadership – a number of survey respondents indicated that they were pleased with the leadership provided by the school administration.

Negative Feedback

All Saints received multiple negative comments regarding the following issues:

  • Middle School (6) – Three survey respondents who gave All Saints a 7/8 rating and three survey respondents who gave All Saints a 1-6 rating cited concerns about the middle school. 
  • Differentiated Learning (6) – one survey respondent who gave All Saints a 7/8 rating and five survey respondents who gave All Saints a 1-6 rating indicated they believe there is a lack of differentiated learning opportunities in the classroom.
  • Behavior/Discipline (4) – one survey respondent who rated All Saints a 7/8 and three survey respondents who gave All Saints a 1-6 rating cited concerns related to student behavior and a lack of discipline in the school.
  • Communication from Teachers (3) – one survey respondent who rated All Saints a 7/8 and two survey respondents who gave All Saints a 1-6 rating indicated that they would like to receive more communication related to their child’s progress from their teacher.
  • Projects and Homework (3) – two survey respondents who gave All Saints a 7/8 rating and one survey respondent who gave All Saints a 1 to 6 rating expressed concerns regarding homework.
  • Uniform (3) – three survey respondents who gave All Saints a 7/8 expressed concerns related to the new uniform. As in the 2011 survey, all of the uniform complaints came from survey respondents who rated All Saints a 7 or 8.
  • Class Size (3) – two survey respondents who gave All Saints a 7/8 and one survey respondent who gave All Saints a 1 to 6 rating expressed concerns related to large class sizes.
  • Resources (3) – three survey respondents who gave All Saints a 1-6 cited issues related to resources provided by the school. 
  • Community (2) – two survey respondents who gave All Saints a 7/8 indicated concerns over not feeling like part of the community. 


Based on documentation across industries, the average Net Promoter Score is in the +30 to +40 range.  Our score of +45 indicates that the majority of respondents are pleased with their experiences of All Saints Catholic School to the degree that they would recommend the program to family and friends.  The overall strengths of the school, as identified in the 2011 survey as well, remain the faculty & staff, environment, faith formation, academics and leadership.  Although each of the areas identified for growth represent feedback provided by no greater than 6% of respondents, in the interest of transparency, we wish to share this level of detail with you and to share with you how this information is already impacting our planning.

To begin with, we are pleased to see a decrease in the number of detractors commenting on the topic of projects and homework.  This is an area that the faculty has targeted over the course of the last year, most especially in the design of what we now refer to as “products.” Before assigning these long-range projects, teachers now complete a thoughtful planning process by which they analyze how learning will be measured and design a corresponding rubric.  This information is then provided to the administration for review and comment, all aimed at maximizing the learning that is taking place when we ask students to complete more complex, long-range tasks.

Of the areas identified above, I believe that two in particular deserve our thoughtful consideration and follow up.  The first pertains to that of the middle school.  With the increased enrollment in grades 6-8, the time is ripe for taking steps now to foster an experience for these students that is more distinct from that of the elementary grades.  We want our students in the middle school to exhibit a great sense of pride and belonging and to have enhanced opportunities for leadership.  To this end, I will be initiating a Leadership Council comprised of middle school students tasked with helping to clarify and communicate the mission and experience of our program.  I look forward to what I am sure will be fruitful dialogue with these students in the weeks and months ahead.  Additionally, at the beginning of the school year, the Middle School Team had an opportunity to review and discuss in detail a copy of the narrative responses from the survey.  The candid feedback inspired further reflection and dialogue among team members as they planned for the year ahead. 

The second area that merits attention is that of differentiation of instruction.  Although the faculty has participated in professional development opportunities on this topic in prior years, many of the new teachers in our program joined our school after the initial launch of this instructional initiative.  To address this gap, when school is closed for professional development next Friday, a number of our teachers will attend a Differentiation Seminar taking place at another school in our diocese.  This training, supplemented by the continued collaboration that is taking place surrounding the implementation of Empowering Writers and some of our more recent initiatives, will serve to enhance the teachers’ understanding of “best practice” as well as practical ways for addressing the diverse needs of learners in their classrooms.

On behalf of the faculty & staff, I do wish to thank those who participated in our survey last spring.  The authentic feedback provided both affirmation as well as encouragement for further refinement in a couple of areas.  We very much appreciate your participation in the dialogue and look forward to continued feedback in the years to come.

Pilgrim Virgin Statue Program ~ Sign up Now to Host Statue in your Home

In keeping with the Holy Father’s Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary last Sunday, All Saints School families are invited to renew their devotion to Jesus through Mary in a special way.  Beginning Friday, October 18th two Statues of Our Lady of Fatima will begin traveling to the homes of our school families for a weeklong visit. 

Families that wish to participate can sign up online at

Those interested in participating are encouraged to sign up for the first available week in order to avoid gaps in the schedule.  However, if there is an upcoming event or celebration that is particularly important to your family, i.e. wedding or anniversary, you are most welcome to host the statue during that specific week. 

While the statue of Mother Mary is in your home, families are encouraged to pray together either part or the entire 5-decade rosary for the intentions of our school as well as your private intentions.  Also, the school has purchased a DVD of “The Day the Sun Danced”, which presents the message of Fatima which was entrusted to three peasant children in Portugal in 1917.    

Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact either Mrs. Linda White ( or Mrs. Julie Mantooth (

Transition to Winter Uniforms

With the onset of cooler temperatures, students are now permitted to begin wearing the Winter Uniform.  This applies to both the P.E. Uniform (i.e. sweatpants and sweatshirts) as well as the regular uniform (long sleeve shirts/blouses & sweaters).  This is a matter left to the discretion of parents until November 1st, the date at which all students are expected to begin wearing the Winter Uniform. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences ~ Appointment Slips

Within the next week each student will receive a conference appointment slip confirming the date and time for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences on Monday, November 11th and Tuesday, November 12th.  If you do not receive this information, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Author to Visit All Saints October 21st!

K. R. Flanagan, author of the Fæ Prince of Fir Manach series, a young adult, historical fantasy trilogy, will speak to students in grades 5-8 on Monday and be available to sign books.  After graduating from Norwich University, a private military college, Flanagan spent four years as an officer in the United States Coast Guard.  Her military training and experience allow her to write credible warriors, both male and female.  These characters inhabit a world that is a seamless blend of medieval historical fiction and fantasy built from her affection for and extensive knowledge of Irish, English, and Scottish history, myths, and legends.   Each book in the series can be purchased for $13.75 and signed by the author.  Please make checks payable to Cash.

Please click on the link at the end of today’s newsletter for the flyer.

SCA to Host Red Ribbon Week

Next week the Student Council Association has planned a number of special events in support of our school-wide celebration of Red Ribbon Week, an annual opportunity for our students to take a stand against drug and alcohol abuse.  Please see the accompanying flyer for more information about this weeklong event, including a dress down day scheduled for Thursday, October 24th.  Thank you to the SCA for all of their efforts in encouraging our students to live drug free!

PTO Teacher Conference Day Luncheons

Every year, the All Saints Catholic School PTO holds a luncheon for the teachers, during teacher/parent conference days, to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and continuing perseverance to educate every student every day. This year the luncheons will be held on Monday, November 11thand Tuesday, November 12th. Donations and volunteers make the two-day luncheon a success! Please consider sharing your time, cooking talents and needed donations to this event. The teachers& staff appreciate the lovely lunch and thoughtfulness of the parents who provide this event for them.  Please use the link to sign-up for all donations & volunteer opportunities:

Any questions, please feel free to contact Kate Bachman at

Big Bash: Hollywood Nights

Would you like an “extra” $900 to spend in November? Do you have your eye on the Kindle Fire HD? Is there a little girl in your life that would love to own this year’s American Girl Doll of the Year, Saige? Would you like to spend an entire school year as the “first in line” at carpool? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, you’ll be glad to know that Big Bash: Hollywood Nights 50/50 and prize raffle tickets are now available for purchase and you could win one of those exciting prizes, and more!

Prize raffle ticket sheets come 6 tickets per sheet and cost $5 each, or buy all 6 tickets for $25. Big Bash Hollywood Nights raffle prizes are:  

  • Kindle Fire HD
  • $200 gift card from Flynn & O’Hara
  • American Girl Doll Of The Year – Saige 
  • All Saints Church Christmas Mass pew of choice  
  • First in Carpool parking privilege for one year
  • Waiver from annual points for parents requirement for one year

50/50 raffle tickets come 6 per sheet and cost $2 each, or buy all 6 tickets for $10. In recent years this prize has ranged from $800-$1,000.  What a nice Christmas bonus that will be for the winner! 

Both raffle tickets are available now for download at! Ticket sheets will be sent home with your oldest or only child later this week. You can turn in your entry (tickets and check/cash) in the envelope the PTO provides with your raffle ticket sheets to school. If you send it in with your child, please confirm with his or her teacher that the envelope was received. We would not want to see your chances to win ruined because your entry was buried deep in a backpack or school desk! 

We will also sell raffle ticket at Big Bash: Hollywood Nights and beginning Thursday, you can pick up raffle ticket sheets at the school office to buy more chances to win – or to share with friends and family. The raffles are open to everyone! 

Reminder: Big Bash: Hollywood Nights event ticket prices are $32/pp, but go up next month to $35/pp. Buy your tickets today and save!

See you at the Big Bash! ~ Elissa & Christian (

·          Raffle Cover Letter:

·         50-50 Raffle Tickets:

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Lion’s Club Vision and Hearing Screening ~ Tomorrow

Tomorrow the third, fifth and seventh grade students are scheduled for a free Vision and Hearing Screening by the Lion’s Club.  Screening will begin at 9:00 A.M. Students who wear glasses should have them available for the vision portion of the screening.

Veterans Day Celebration

Join us as our school community honors the commitment of the men and women who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces. We cordially invite all active duty, reserve, former and retired military personnel to attend our school Mass on Friday, November 8th at 8:30 a.m. Following the Mass, there will be a brief ceremony in the Parish Activity Center followed by a reception for our honored guests in Father Kelley Hall. 

Criminal Background Checks for Volunteers & VIRTUS Requirements

As part of the diocesan initiative to maintain a safe environment for all of our children, all volunteers with “substantial contact” with children are required to complete a background check prior to working in the school and to complete VIRTUS training within 45 days of commencing service.

As we begin a new year, in accordance with diocesan policy, only those parents who have completed the criminal background check are eligible to volunteer in the school.  Those who have not yet completed the background check process may request a packet of forms from the front office.  

We are hosting two live VIRTUS training seminars (the 4-hour training).  To register for one of these two sessions, please visit

Saturday, November 9 (Father Kelley Hall/9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)

The diocese also requires volunteers who have completed the full VIRTUS training to attend an annual update entitled Keeping the Promise Alive.  This 30 minutes video training is a prerequisite for volunteering in the school.  The following is a list of upcoming sessions.  (Please note:  For planning purposes, volunteers are asked to confirm their intent to attend a session on the voicemail of Mrs. Janet Smith.  703.393.2158)

We have scheduled the following opportunities for completing the half-hour VIRTUS update:

Tuesday, October 22 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, November 12 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, December 10 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, January 14 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, February 11 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, March 11 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, April 8 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 13 (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 17th           

          Lions’ Club Screening – Grades 3, 5 & 7

          Bishop O’Connell 8th Grade Visit

Friday, October 18th                

          Middle School Progress Reports

Monday, October 21st             

          Red Ribbon Week

          Picture Make-Up day

          Author Presentation for Grades 5-8

Wednesday, October 23rd       

          Gift of Human Sexuality (Presentation I) – Grades 6-8

Thursday, October 24th           

          SCA sponsored Red Ribbon Dress Down Day

          3rd Grade Field Trip to Colvin Run Mill

          Middle School Movie Night (PAC/6:00 p.m.)

Friday, October 25th                

          Diocesan Professional Development Day – No School


          Net Promoter Survey Graph – 2013 Results:

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