Afternoon Dismissal – Revisions for the New Year

With the completion of the renovation of the Parish Activities Center, students dismissed in the front of the school will once again gather in the courtyard.  Assembled by grade level in lines facing the Parish Activity Center, the students will await their parents who will enter the courtyard via the sidewalk leading to the PAC, pick up their children, and continue to walk around the perimeter of the courtyard before returning to their cars. While this will be a slightly longer walk for parents than in prior years, the enclosure created by the new courtyard renovation provides a safer and more restricted area for pick-up during afternoon dismissal.

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our students, children will only be released to their parents via the organized dismissal system.  Parents will not be permitted to pull their children from class lines as they exit the building or pick them up outside the main entrance at dismissal time. 

Two years ago we implemented a new carpool system by which each family has been assigned a specific parking area.  This was done in an effort to create a sense of predictability for the students so that on inclement weather days, they might walk directly to their assigned area.  However, in light of the fact that we have had only a handful of rainy day dismissals over the course of the past year, we will be modifying the carpool system accordingly.

All parents will continue to have an assigned parking bay which will be used on days of inclement weather.  In order to help the students to understand the process, parents are asked to park in their assigned bays for the first two weeks of school.  After the first two weeks, we will return to the prior practice of “first in, first out”, meaning that  parents assigned to the front parking lot will park in bay one as they arrive, followed by bay two and three.  Those assigned to the rear parking lot will park in bay four followed by bay five.  (Note:  It is very important that parents park only in their assigned area, i.e. front vs. back parking lots, as the system has been organized based on the total capacity for each parking area.)  On inclement weather days, parents will be asked to park in their assigned bays so that their children can walk directly to those areas.

Parents will once again be assigned one of five parking areas for afternoon dismissal based upon where their last name occurs in the alphabet.  Parking assignments for the new year will be posted on our school website in the coming weeks.  Additionally, copies of the procedures for afternoon dismissal as well as parking assignments will be available on Orientation Day.  All parents are asked to review these items prior to the first day of school.  Parents whose children will be walking to and from school are asked to provide written authorization to the office on Orientation Day.