The Sentinel – June 12, 2013

Principal’s Message

On Monday evening, families and friends gathered with the 8th Grade Class of 2013 to celebrate their successful    completion of our program and to wish them continued success and blessings as they transition to high school.

While the ceremony represented an important milestone for our graduates, it was also a significant moment for a number of families participating in their final All Saints graduation after many years in our community.  This week I would like to acknowledge those families who have been a part of our school family for more than ten years and whose youngest child has now graduated.  I thank them for their commitment to Catholic education and for having chosen All Saints Catholic School.

Newton Family (13 Years)

Stalker/Stangl Family (13 Years)

Wilson Family (13 Years)

McCabe Family (15 Years)

Rivenburg Family (16 Years)

Jorquera Family (19 Years)


Last week we celebrated the success of the 8th Annual Race for Education, a unique event that has emerged as our most significant fundraiser at All Saints.  Over the course of the past eight years, the program has generated approximately $300,000 in support of special initiatives.  It is through this effort that our school has been able to invest significantly in technology, installing an ACTIV Board in every classroom.

I am pleased to share with you today that we surpassed our goal of $45,000, raising a grand total of nearly $49,500.  Anticipating additional proceeds during the summer months, the PTO has already processed the paperwork to generate a check in the amount of $7,500 to be donated to St. Jude’s.  As we have been the recipient of tremendous generosity from family and friends from around the world, it is fitting that we share the fruits of our success with one of our long-term partners, St. Judes Childrens’ Research Hospital.

Thank you, students, parents, relatives and friends for your continued support of All Saints and our commitment to helping others along the way!


It seems like only yesterday we had to close due to winter weather, yet the final days of school are now upon us! Another year has passed and it has been a time of wonderful blessings and continued success for All Saints! 

As I reflect upon our mission, I believe that what makes our school distinct is that it truly is a faith-filled, caring community.  It is a Christ-centered environment anchored in the very best traditions of our Catholic faith, characterized by a vibrant and joyful spirit.  It is, in fact, a small community of faith where students learn and grow each day, united in their shared belief and guided by the Holy Spirit.  What a tremendous gift it is to share in this experience of Catholic education and to walk the halls of this sacred space each day.  On behalf of our faculty and staff, thank you for choosing our school for your family.  Your children are your most precious gift and we are blessed to be in partnership with you. 

May the summer season be a time of rest and relaxation for you and your loved ones!  We look forward to your return in August when we will together continue the journey. 

Extended Day Program – Final Day (Thursday, June 13th)

There will be no Extended Day Program on Friday, June 14th.  All students will dismiss at 10:30 a.m. following the Closing Mass & Awards Ceremony.  Please make arrangements for your children to be picked up if you anticipate being unavailable at that time.

Flynn & O’Hara to Host Exclusive Event for All Saints

School families are invited to attend an In-Store Trunk Show hosted by Flynn & O’Hara on June 25th from 5:00-9:00 p.m.  In order to provide you with a boutique shopping experience and to offer the highest quality service, the store will be open exclusively to members of our community who may also request a specific appointment time.  Additional details regarding this event as well as order forms can be found by following the link attached to this week’s newsletter.

The Safety Patrol Program for the 2013/2014

The Safety Patrol Program for the 2013-2014 school year is underway.  Training has been occurring for rising 5th and 6th grade students.  They have all done a wonderful job, and we look forward to their involvement for the upcoming school year.  In an effort to effectively communicate with our new safety patrols, we have established a web site for Safety Patrols under Homework Central.  This site will contain important dates and information for the safety patrols, and will be the primary means for communicating the duty schedule.  Each patrol is responsible for checking the site to determine when they are scheduled to patrol.  It will be their responsibility to ensure that they are prepared to cover when scheduled.  We would like to extend a special thank you to our parents for the support you provide your child in this important position.

Final Message from the PTO President

Our school year is over and I am filled with gratitude for the experience of being your PTO president this past year.  It was a wonderful experience and that is because of the many, many generous people who rose to every occasion to provide the needed time, talent and treasure to help make All Saints Catholic school a great place to be.

I wish to especially recognize the room liaisons for their efforts throughout the year.  There is no other volunteer position that more directly affects the daily lives of the students and the teachers.  I wish I could shower you all with fabulous gifts but instead I can only offer my sincere gratitude and admiration.

Thank you also to the fabulous parents and teachers who served on the executive board.  You have a tremendous dedication to our mission of fund raising and community building.  You each served the PTO with grace and good cheer.

Angela Slater is now taking the reins as the new PTO president.  She has a real passion for volunteering and is eager to make every parent feel welcome and included in our community. Please continue to lend your support as she leads us for the 2013-14 academic year!


Summer Learning Program

Over the course of the past month the faculty has discussed the merits of a summer learning program.  Recognizing that our curriculum during the school year is rigorous and that expectations are high for student learning, there is great value in the children having a respite during the months of summer.  On the other hand, studies have shown that students lose ground during the long vacation if not provided an opportunity to keep their skills sharp.  With these two perspectives in mind, as in prior years, the teachers have crafted a balanced plan specific for our school.  The following is a grade level summary of the Summer Learning Program for 2013.


(Note: Parents should select the summer learning assignments that correspond to the grade that their child will be entering in the fall.  For example, a student entering second grade would complete the Summer Book Program for rising 2nd graders.  A child entering third grade would complete the assignments outlined below for grades 3-5.)

Grade K            Learning packets designed by the Pre-K team will be distributed to parents

Grade 1-2          Summer Book (order SUMMER BOOK for next year’s grade level. For example: students in K will order SUMMBER BOOK for rising 1stgraders.)

Ordering Information:    Summerbook Company

305 Lyndale Drive

Hartsville, SC 27804

1-877-684-8502 (Toll Free)

Grades 3-5         Math Log & 2 Accelerated Reader Books

(Note: Each student is required to keep a Math log in which they complete 10 hours of work over the course of the summer.  Students may refer to our school website for recommended activities and math based websites.  After reading two Accelerated Reader books, students are asked to complete the corresponding AR tests upon their return to school.  These summer assignments will be due Friday of the first week of school and will be considered part of the first quarter participation grade.)

Grades 6-8         Students are asked to read selections (one book for grade 6/two books for grades 7 & 8) from the Middle School Summer Reading List and complete one of the corresponding follow up activities.  Additionally, students are expected to practice math skills for a minimum of thirty minutes per week, using a list of recommended websites and recording time on a log sheet.

(Note: A letter from the middle school team and a detailed overview of assignments are included as links to this week’s newsletter and are available for review on our website.  A copy of the recommended reading list will be posted on our school website as well.)

Immunization & Health Records Requirements for 2013-2014

To the parents of Pre-K students arriving in Fall 2013:

The State of Virginia requires parents of Pre-K students to submit the following:

1.       An immunization form must be in the child’s record by the date of the child’s admission.   The first day of Pre-K is Wednesday, September 4th, 2013.

2.       Immunizations must be recorded and dated on either the Health Dept. form (MCH 213F or MCH 213G) or a physician’s form, include the child’s name, and be signed or stamped and dated by a licensed physician, the physician’s designee, or an official of a local health department.

3.       For all immunizations a child receives after 7/1/13, the form must contain a statement (typed or handwritten) that the child is adequately immunized.

The current Form MCH213G is available at the following website:

If your child has any chronic health conditions, such as food or substance allergy or asthma, the necessary forms are available under “Education” and the “Parents” portion of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington website. Click on “Forms.”  Be sure to submit an Authorization Form for the medication along with the Action Plan for the condition.  All medications must be brought in by the parents, not by the child.  If a child needs an Epi-Pen, please bring two — one for the class, one for the Nurse’s Clinic.

To the parents of Kindergarten students arriving in Fall 2013:

A new Physical Exam is necessary, dated less than one year from the time of admission. Kindergarten begins on Monday, August 26th.  This Exam should be on, or accompanied by, the Virginia Department of Health form MCH 213G.  (See the website above for the form).  Tip: Print out the MCH213G and hand it to the physician before the physical exam for this year, if possible, so as to avoid an additional charge to complete it out outside the office visit.  The Physical must include all the immunizations required by the Commonwealth of Virginia as indicated by the chart on the following website:

2013 – 2014 School Supplies Program

If you like convenience then Educational Products Inc. (EPI) has a solution for you. Starting June 1st through June 26th you can order your school supply kits on-line. www.epipacks.comand then enter our school ID #: ALL088.  Be sure to select the correct kit(s).  Questions can be directed to

The expected delivery date for all kits to All Saints School is August 16th.  The Kits will then be distributed to your child’s class room.

Seat Sacks, Backpacks, Party favors, and AR prizes (Grades 3 – 6) are not included in EPI’s School supply Kits and must be purchased separately.

Report Cards

Report cards and awards will be issued on the final day of school, June 14th.  Since the office will have a record of your child’s final grades at the close of the year, you may retain these cards.


All medications must be picked up from the clinic no later than Thursday, June 13th.  Since students are not authorized to carry medication, it is necessary for parents to visit the clinic to pick up medications prior to the close of the year.  Medications remaining after the final day will be discarded.

Summer Office Hours

The school office will remain open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. during the months of June and August.  The office will be closed during the month of July.  The office will reopen on Thursday, August 1st. Should you need to contact school personnel during the summer months, please do not hesitate to leave a message on the answering machine. We will make every effort to return your call in a timely manner.

Important Dates for the Upcoming Year

¨       Orientation Day (Students and parents are invited to visit the school, meet new teachers, and pick up supply orders.) – Friday, August 23rd.

¨       7th Annual Back-to School Barbecue hosted by the PTO – Friday, August 23rd (5:30-7:30 p.m.)

¨       First Day of School ~ Noon Dismissal (Grades K-8) – Monday, August 26th

¨       First Day of Pre-Kindergarten – Wednesday, September 4th

All Saints Parish 2013 Golf Tournament

With the less than two weeks away, now is the time to register to golf in the tournament, sponsor a hole to promote your business (only $100), or place a business card ad in the program for $50. All proceeds from the tournament will support youth-centered programs at the school and parish. The tournament will be held on Monday, June 24th at Evergreen Country Club with tee-off at 10:00 a.m. Come for a great day of golf chock full of opportunities to win prizes, including first, second and third place team prizes, closest to the pastor, longest drive, putting contest, blackjack contest, and a $10,000 Hole-in-One prize! Signup today!!

Register online or print our 2013 Golf Tournament Sponsor/Golfer Registration Form .

Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 13th

–          Kindergarten Graduation (10:00 a.m.)

–          End of Year Classroom Parties during afternoon

Friday, June 14th

–          Closing Mass & End of Year Awards Ceremony (8:30 a.m.)

–          Final Dismissal for Grades 1-7 (10:30 a.m.)

Note: Extended Day Program Not Available

(Note: The PTO will host a reception with cookies and drinks for parents in the courtyard immediately following the Mass & Awards Ceremony.  On the final day, parents who will be in attendance for the festivities are asked to park in their assigned carpool sections as we will be having a regular dismissal beginning at 10:30 a.m.  The back parking lot will be open for parking for those who will be joining us for the Mass and ceremony.)

Monday, June 24th

–          Golf Tournament