School Directory and New E-Newsletter

This year we introduce a new email newsletter delivery system and online submission of your listing for the school’s printed directory.

Newsletter: This year we will be making an effort to present the weekly newsletter, The Sentinel, in a more reader-friendly format, making it easier for parents to locate specific information that may be of particular interest.  This remains a work in progress as we consider the various forms of media by which parents access the weekly letter.  Families who previously subscribed to the school newsletter need not re-subscribe as we have imported the current list into the new system.  However, any parent who subscribed this week will need to resubmit their information since the data was transferred the week prior.   (Please note:  Emails from both the newsletter and the old emergency notification list were imported.  You can unsubscribe an email by using the link included in the first newsletter.)

School Directory: In recent years, the process of verifying current contact information for families and authorization to include email addresses has been a multi-step project that has taken a significant amount of time to complete.  In an effort to improve both efficiency and accuracy, this year all families are asked to submit electronically the contact information they wish to be published in the annual School Directory via the new newsletter subscription system.  We ask that directory listing changes be made by Friday, September 7th.   Please note: We will be unable to include in the directory any changes made after that date.

The following is a list of steps to follow. 

  1. Go to Subscription Management page

  2. Enter primary family email (these were imported from old newsletter list) for directory listing to receive email verifying account.

    If email is not found go to New Subscription page ( and select “School Directory Listing” and skip to Step 5.

  3. You will receive an email to activate the account.  Click link in email to verify account.
  4. Go to “Subscribe” tab and select “School Directory Listing”.
  5. Fill out fields following the example formats for each field.
  6. Submit listing.