All Saints Captures 2nd Place in Science Fair

All Saints Science Fair team came home on Saturday, April 21, with the overall second place school trophy after another outstanding effort during the annual Diocese of Arlington Science Fair. The average of the scores of all 10 students resulted in the second place finish, just one point off the score for first place. Competing at Paul VI High School, the young scientists each met with three judges who evaluated their scientific knowledge, understanding of the scientific method, and backboard and oral presentations.

Selected as having the best project in the area of Behavioral and Social Science was seventh grader, Daniel Jorquera, whose project “I, 2, 3, Zumba” focused on the connection between physical exercise and right brain development. Eighth grader, Brett Goerl, merited second place for his environmental science study, “Solar Amplication,” looking at increasing the output of photovoltaic solar cells by using mirrors and a coolant. Fellow eighth grader, Will Perez, not only earned a third place award in Engineering, but also special recognition from the Institute of Industrial Engineers for his project “Raining Golf Balls, “ which used mathematics to determine the landing point for projectiles shot from trebuchets and catapults. Eighth grader, Christopher Falls, and seventh grader, Vivienne Penders, both scored Honorable Mention awards for their studies. Christopher tested the effect of heat on the output of chemiluminescent glow sticks in his work entitled “Cool Lights,” while in “Insulation: Volume vs. Density” Vivienne explored factors affecting the properties of insulators.

Additional members of the Science Fair team included Julianna LaRose, Grade 8, and seventh graders Sean Gaynord, Carolyn Karcher, Aidan Tamke, and Marie Tessier whose projects also garnered high scores to help the team capture the second place school trophy. Congratulations, students!