The Sentinel – Volume 12, Issue 29

Seek Christ in one another; welcome Him into your heart


Principal’s Message

As I was walking the halls earlier this week I was struck by the beautiful bulletin board displays that showcase the sacrifices and good deeds being offered by our students during the season of Lent.  The individual thoughts and good intentions of the children give witness to the core mission of our Catholic school.  For those passing by who take an opportunity to look more closely, it is difficult to miss the fact that we are a community of faith on a journey toward the great joy of Easter.  With only two weeks remaining in the season, I thought you might appreciate some inspiration provided by our students. 


Pray more for hurt people.

I will help my mom set the table.

Give money to the poor.

I will help my mom picking flowers.

3rd Grade

I’m going to stop watching T.V., eating candy and eating my favorite kind of granola bars all Lent.

I will wash the dishes.

My family and I use our 2012 Lenten Prayer Book to pray each evening.

I will make my room the cleanest of the house.

I will sacrifice eating candy and feed my fish every day.

5th Grade

I can carry my cross by praying the Rosary every week and trying to help my cousins with their homework.

For week four I will try to be more positive and to be nicer to my sister.

Do whatever my mom asks without complaining.


Today I wish to provide to you an update regarding Mrs. Ann Johnson, third grade teacher.  As you are aware, Mrs. Johnson has been on medical leave since August, the time at which she began undergoing treatments for her cancer that was diagnosed last summer.  With her chemotherapy treatments having ended during the winter months, two weeks ago she received results of their effectiveness.  Unfortunately, the cancer has returned. 

At this time, Mrs. Johnson anticipates several months of very intensive chemotherapy treatments to be followed by a procedure during the early part of summer.  As a result, Mrs. Johnson will be unable to return to All Saints during the 2011-2012 academic year. 

I am grateful for the continued commitment of Ms. Reilly, the long-term substitute, who will continue coordinating instruction and assessment in the classroom through the close of this year.  She has been a wonderful addition to our school and has quickly acclimated to life at All Saints.

I have assured Mrs. Johnson that she will remain in our thoughts and prayers.  Due to her treatments, she is not able to receive gifts of flowers or food at this time.  However, her spirits are always lifted by our prayers and cards.  Those who wish to send cards of support are invited to deliver them to the front office from which they will be forwarded to her directly. Together let us pray that Mrs. Johnson will be sustained and strengthened by our prayers and that she may experience healing and a return to wellness.


As Mrs. Doherty’s due date draws near, I wish to provide to you an update regarding the plans for the first grade classroom.  In consideration of Mrs. Helmick’s significant level of experience as classroom assistant and her familiarity with the children in the program, I have decided that she is the best candidate to serve as lead teacher for the final two months of the year.  Additionally, recognizing the importance of having a second person in the classroom, I have hired Mrs. Sandy Weitendorf to work in the role of classroom assistant. Mrs. Weitendorf has previous experience as a Kindergarten aid in a Montessori program and also served as the lead teacher in a preschool program.  Through her stellar commitment as a volunteer at All Saints she has demonstrated strong organizational skills as well as dedication to the mission of our school.  I have every confidence that Mrs. Helmick and Mrs. Weitendorf will be a dynamic and effective team, ensuring that your children continue to learn and grow each day.  In the meantime, let us continue to remember Mrs. Doherty and her husband in our prayers as they prepare for the birth of their little one.


It is with sadness that I share with you the news of the passing of Mr. Edwin “Bud” Latimer, grandfather of Tarran and Liam Gannon and a long-time member of our parish and school community.  The funeral will take place at All Saints at noon tomorrow, Thursday, March 22nd.  In the days ahead, let us remember the Latimer and Gannon Families in our prayers. May they be comforted by the hope of the Resurrection and the abiding presence of Christ during this difficult time.

Terra Nova Testing Countdown ~ 5 Weeks!

As the week of standardized testing approaches, parents are asked to avoid scheduling appointments from Monday, April 23rd – Tuesday, May 1st so that each student may participate in the testing as scheduled.

Field Day Announced ~ June 5th

Field Day for Grades K-8 will take place on the grounds of Linton Hall School in Bristow on Tuesday, June 5th.  Mark your calendars now for what promises to be a great day of activities and fellowship for our school families.

VIRTUS Update Training Sessions

One of the diocesan requirements regarding the safe environment initiative is that of annual VIRTUS training.  Through attendance at the 30 minute video training, faculty, staff and volunteers alike are reminded of important practical measures that we can implement to maintain a safe environment.  Those who have not yet attended the VIRTUS update training this year are asked to do so during the spring semester.  While there is no need to register on-line for this session, for planning purposes please contact Mrs. Janet Smith, VIRTUS coordinator, to confirm your plans to attend.

The VIRTUS update training will occur on the following date: Tuesday, March 27th (Art Room/ 7:00 p.m.)

7th Annual Race for Education

There are two opportunities coming up to help with the race and earn points for parents.

On March 26th, 27th, & 28th, we will gather after school, in the gym from 3 – 5 pm to prepare the mailers before they are mailed. All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students can earn service hours by helping any of these days. Permission slips were sent home and a link is provided below. They need to be returned by this Friday, March 23, 2012.

The Race for Education will begin its Record Keeping phase on Tuesday, April 17th.  Anyone interested in volunteering should complete and return the volunteer form, linked below, or call or email Marjorie Collins at

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 21st               Confessions – Grade 7

Friday, March 23rd                     School Mass (8:30 a.m.)

                  National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony (1:30 p.m.)

                                                                Stations of the Cross (Grades K-2)

                                                                Spirit Activity: Captain Pell’s (Beginning at 2:00 p.m.)

(Note:  The Pells have made arrangements for babysitting in the lower level of the restaurant and will have movies and coloring activities available for children in attendance.  As such, all are cordially invited to attend this family-friendly Spirit Event.)

                                                                8th Grade Confirmation Retreat

Monday, March 26th                   Picture Day: Group & Individual Photos (students wear uniforms)

Tuesday, March 27th                   VIRTUS Update Training (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Wednesday, March 28th               Stations of the Cross – Grades K-8 (2:00 p.m.)

Friday, March 30th                     School Mass (8:30 a.m.)

                  End of 3rd Quarter

                  Noon Dismissal: Report Card Prep.

                  8th Grade Confirmation Retreat

Saturday, March 31st                  Garwood Whaley Music Festival (Bishop Ireton High School/9:00 a.m.)


Going Home with Oldest Student

  • Parish Festival Cake Walk Flyer


  • Captain Pell’s Spirit Event Flyer ~ 
  • Race for Education Volunteer Forms ~ 

  • Cake Walk Flyer ~