The Sentinel – Volume 11, Issue 26

Living Stones on the Pathway to Heaven…

Message from the Principal

This week I am pleased to share with you a new initiative we are beginning at All Saints Catholic School. For a number of years, our students have received boxes of envelopes which they have been encouraged to use in offering gifts of time, talent and treasure each week of the liturgical year. Recognizing that these are a wonderful means by which the children can learn more about the concept of stewardship, Mrs. Campagna has developed a new program that I believe will add meaning and value to the already existing process.

On Monday, Mrs. Campagna will introduce the students to the Mother Teresa Outreach, a new program by which the children will be invited to make contributions to benefit the students of our sister school, St. Thomas, in Haiti.  Each of the students, as in the past, will receive a box of contribution envelopes Monday afternoon.  What makes this program distinct from our prior practice is that the children will be encouraged to make contributions and submit them during our school Mass.  Those who wish to do so may indicate on their envelopes their gifts to God for the week, including time, talent, and treasure, and place them in the collection baskets.  Again, all of the funds received through this program will directly benefit our counterparts in Haiti, helping to defer the cost of school lunches and supplies.

This program is actually Phase I of a long-term plan by which the faculty & staff will provide distinct learning opportunities for the students in our school.  Our vision is that those enrolled at All Saints will not only gain a solid understanding of the diocesan curriculum, but that they will also be introduced to topics of personal finance, provided opportunities for hands-on learning, and cultivate a lifestyle of stewardship.  For now, our focus is that of implementing the Mother Teresa Outreach, a foundation that we will be build upon and upon which lives will be built.  Look for the boxes of envelopes to arrive home with your children next Monday in anticipation Ash Wednesday, our first day of collection.


A standing-room only crowd gathered in the gym last Thursday evening for the annual Science Fair Awards Ceremony.  Designed to be a celebration of academic achievement, the event actually provided a quintessential “Catholic school moment” for all those present.

As I was preparing for the ceremony, I quickly looked online to find out who has been identified as the patron saint of science.  I was pleased to discover that it is St. Albert the Great, and delighted to find a specific prayer invoking his name.  With printed copy in hand, I joined hundreds of parents and students in the gym.  As I stepped to the podium, Mrs. Hammang noted my selection and quietly mentioned that she begins each science class with the exact  same prayer… and that the middle school students have it completely memorized.   Needless to say, I invited the students to lead us in the opening prayer.  Right on cue, the students of our middle school recited the entire prayer with great confidence and full voice.  It was the only time that I have ever witnessed spontaneous applause following a prayer!

The awards ceremony truly was a celebration with students cheering one another’s accomplishments. It was a joy to see the genuine excitement that the students displayed for these academic awards and their support for each winner.  I wish to congratulate all of our students for their fine work on this year’s Science Fair.  A number of the judges commented on the quality of the projects as well as the enthusiasm our students demonstrated in making their presentations.

The following is a list of winners from the 2011 Science Fair.  In addition to congratulating these students, I wish to thank their parents for the support and guidance they provided to their children each step of the way.  I also wish to thank our science teacher, Mrs. Hammang, for inspiring the students and providing an environment where faith and learning are integrated on a daily basis.

St. Albert the Great…pray for us!

Science Fair Winners 2011


  • 3rd – Bridget K. (7th) Care to LAX?
  • 2nd – Quinn C. (7th) Fatal Attractions
  • 1st – Sean H. (8th) Insulation Station

Behavioral Science:

  • 3rd – Jessica W. (8th) Konnichiwa!
  • 2nd – Caroline R.(8th) Spel It Rite?
  • 1st – Katie W. (6th) It’s All About Colors
  • 1st – Carolyn K. (6th) Give Me Marshmellows


  • 3rd –Sarah G. (6th) Grow Green
  • 2nd –Marie T. (6th) Radiate and Germinate
  • 1st – Susan M. (7th)– Are Worms and Waste the Way to Go?


  • 3rd –Marely G. (8th) Let the Music Play
  • 3rd – Danyelle R. (8th) Step-By-Step
  • 2nd – Dane L.– (6th) Exercise Your Heart
  • 1st – Patrick D. (8th)  Motherly Instinct


  • 3rd – Christopher F. (7th) King Oscar
  • 2nd – Daniel J. (6th) Fingerprint Pattern Investigation
  • 1st – Hannah D. (7th) Love the Taste! Lose the Fat!


  • 3rd – Aidan T. (6th) There’s No Accounting for Taste
  • 2nd – Kristin H. (7th) What is Your Agent?
  • 1st – Michael H. (6th) Pennies, Pipes and pH – a Corrosive Triangle

Environmental Science:

  • 3rd – Heather B. (8th) Water Power!
  • 2nd – Julianna L. (7th) Got Lead?
  • 1st – Monica G. (8th) Can You See the Light?


  • 3rd – Will P. (7th) Levers Levers Everywhere
  • 2nd – Emily C. (8th) Roll On Out
  • 1st –Ralph C. – (8th)The Shadow Knows


  • 2nd – Courtney H. (6th) Moldy Bread? Get a Whiff of That
  • 1st – Brett G. (7th) Bioluminescence: Living Lights


  • 2nd – Erika S.r (6th) Wag More, Bark Less
  • 1st – Edward C. (7th) The Butterfly Secret – Warm vs. Cold

Earth and Space

  • 2nd – David S. (8th) Pond Scum for Fish or Cars?
  • 1st – Alexandra S. (8th) Solar Cells

Overall Excellence

  • 3rd Runner Up – (Physics) Sean H. ( 8th)  Insulation Station
  • 2nd Runner Up – (Environmental Science) – Elizabeth C. (6th) Keep Earth’s Waters Clean
  • 1st Runner Up – (Earth and Space) Alexandra S. (8th) Solar Cells
  • Grand Prize Winner – (Microbiology) Brett G. (7th) Bioluminescence – Living Lights

Eucharistic Adoration & the Global Rosary ~ Opportunity for Family Prayer

In preparation for the Diocesan Pilgrimage (October 8, 2011) there will be three lead-in special celebrations throughout the Diocese.  All Saints Catholic School has been invited to participate in an active manner in one of the special events.

On Sunday, March 27th beginning at 7:00 p.m., there will be a time of Eucharistic Adoration and the recitation of the Global Rosary at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville.  In support of the event, our school has been invited to send fifteen volunteers representing our community.  Those who wish to participate will be joined by fifteen student volunteers from the Religious Education Program.  Together, our parish and school children will lead the recitation of the Hail Mary in traditional African languages. (The phonetic text for these prayers has been provided so that the children may rehearse in advance.) Any families who are interested in participating in this program are asked to contact Mrs. Campagna at 703-368-4400.

Virtue of the Month ~ Cooperation/Community Building


  1. Cooperate with your teacher.  Do your best to obey the rules and follow directions
  2. Say “please” when asking for things.
  3. Get in line quietly, without pushing, and don’t lag behind.
  4. Clean up around your desk area.
  5. Help a classmate when they need help.
  6. Take turns when playing.  Give someone else a chance.
  7. At home, do your chores cheerfully, without being asked.
  8. Cooperate at home.  Take turns and share with your brothers, sisters, and friends.
  9. Listen when others talk.  Respect their opinions.
  10. Always try to get along with everyone.

Prayer of the Month~ Prayer for Cooperation

Jesus, our Friend, help me to accept myself and others with

love and kindness.  Help me to see you in each person I meet.

Show me how to be good and kind to everyone.  Keep me from

being selfish.  I want to follow your rules of love and

compassion.  I can do many wonderful things.  Stay by me

today, Jesus.  I know you love me and I love you.

Diocesan PTO Board Meeting & Parent Presentation

The final meeting of the Diocesan PTO will take place on Saturday, March 26th from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. at St. Ambrose Catholic School in Annandale.  The highlight of the meeting will be a guest speaker, Mr. Daniel Stabile, Guidance Counselor at Bishop O’Connell High School.  His presentation is entitled “Transition from Middle School  (8th grade) to High School”. An invitation to attend is extended to all members of the PTO Boards, DPTO Representative and interested 8th grade parents.   Any parents from All Saints who are interested in attending are asked to notify Mrs. Joyce D’Eugenio by Friday, March 4th so that we can submit the names of all participants from our community.

All Saints Alumni Reunion – April 9th

Would you like to be involved in planning an alumni reunion for our 1998 – 2002 graduates? All Saints will be sponsoring an alumni reunion on Saturday, April 9th from 4-7:00 p.m. for alumni who graduated in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. If you would like to join our reunion committee and help make this event a fun and rewarding  experience for our alumni, please contact Janis DeVore

Calendar Change ~ ½ Day in May Rescheduled

The half day of school published in our calendar for Monday, May 9th has been moved to Friday, May 6th.  In light of the fact that a large number of students in grades 4-8 will be attending the Band Trip on May 6th, from an instructional standpoint it makes good sense to move the half day to this date.  The EPSF Screening is still scheduled for Monday, May 9th.  As such, there will be no Pre-K or Kindergarten classes on that day as previously announced.

Registration Schedule for the New Year

ø  Registration for New Students
February 9-March 4, 2011          (Including siblings for Pre-K & K)

Virtus Update

There another opportunity for the required annual update to the Virtus training on Saturday, March 26th at 10:30 a.m. in Meeting Room One.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 2nd Uniform Committee Meeting (PLC/7:00 p.m.)

Friday, March 4th School Mass (8:30 a.m.)

Distribution of 3rd Quarter Interim Reports

Saturday, March 5th Diocesan Spelling Bee (St. Thomas More Cathedral School)

First Reconciliation (10:30 a.m.)

Monday, March 7th Mother Teresa Outreach Assembly (Gym/8:30 a.m.)

Tuesday, March 8th 8th Grade Vocations Mass ~ Holy Spirit Church

PTO Board Meeting (Library in Father Kelley Wing/7:00 p.m.)

Wednesday, March 9th Ash Wednesday Mass (10:00 a.m.)

Thursday, March 10th Enrollment Management Meeting (Art Room/7:00 p.m.)

Friday, March 11th Holiday ~ Professional Development Day for Faculty



  • The Donut Man is coming to the House of Mercy, March 26th, at 6:00 p.m. – For a flyer with additional information, click on link the following link: