The Sentinel – Volume 9, Issue 38

summerlearningDuring the last few weeks the faculty has discussed the merits of a summer learning program. Recognizing that our curriculum during the school year is rigorous and that expectations are high for student learning, there is great value in the children having a respite during the months of summer. On the other hand, studies have shown that students lose ground during the long vacation if not provided an opportunity to keep their skills sharp. With these two perspectives in mind, as in prior years, the teachers have crafted a balanced plan specific for our school. The following is a grade level summary of the Summer Learning Program.

Grade K-1 – Summer Bridge Activity Book

Grade 2 – Summer Bridge Activity Book + Read one grade level chapter book and complete corresponding form to be provided by the teacher.

Grades 3-5 – Summer Bridge Activity Book + Read one book from the recommended reading list and create a book jacket for the book identifying the author, title, main characters of the story, identifying the setting of the book, and writing a detailed paragraph explaining the main idea/theme of the book.

Grades 6-8 – Read one book and complete one of three follow up activities as well as a packet of math worksheets. (Note: An overview of the options for middle school students is included as a link.)

I wish to thank Mrs. Coyle for creating a list of recommended summer reading selections. She invested a great deal of time in identifying books that are engaging and contemporary for the students. (A copy of the Recommended Summer Reading List is linked to this week’s letter. The Summer Bridge Activity Book is widely available at local booksellers for an estimated price of $13.00)

As we look back upon the 2008-2009 academic year, it will be remembered as an important moment in the history of our school, the time during which the faculty and staff completed the self-study process and earned continued accreditation. This process of analysis will bear fruit for our community as we chart a course for the future through the design of a five year plan. With God’s grace and blessing, All Saints Catholic School will continue to shine as a beacon for families seeking a dynamic Catholic environment of faith formation and academic rigor.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I wish to convey our gratitude for the privilege of having worked with your children this past year. They are precious gifts and we treasure the opportunity to have partnered with you on this journey over the course of the past ten months. I wish all of you a safe, relaxing and peaceful summer holiday and look forward to your return in August.