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Weekly Schedule:

Weekly Homework: 

Monday: Please review Friday papers, remove them from the folder and sign & return the attached progress note.

M-F-Read a book each night, sign log and return

Math: Look at assignment book for page numbers in math workbook.

M/W/F sign timed math test

Monday-Wednesday 1 spelling tic tac toe completed in their book. Thursday-Pretest in their book in sorts(in their groups)

Sign behavior log and assignment book each day. 

Upcoming Events:

January poem came home and needs to be memorized by the end of January.

End of January Catholic School’s Week


We will continue our new unit in reading and studying about Nonfiction books. We will learn how to be super smart with nonfiction books.

The children are doing great in their nightly reading program. They need to read the book, mom or dad needs to sign on the line on their log and return the folder and book the next day. I will sign on the line and they will flip their book. Each day they will read a new book.  Please make sure they have the clip on the top of their folder to prevent the book from being lost. 


See the source image

See the source image


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Red Group

Sorts: -ck short/-ke long/-ook

Words: truck  like  book  sock  smoke  look  strike  cook  lick  duke  spoke  pack


 Yellow Group:

Sorts: CVC-e/o/u

Words: from  gloss  slot  fluff  slob  truck  plug  frog  drug  dress  cross  drum

Oddball: from

Orange Group:

Sorts: CVC/CVCe/Oddball

Oddball: give

Words:  nine  give  nice  drive  spill  thin  swim  life  flip  gift  hike  prize

Green Group:

Sorts: CVC-a/i/e


Words: chick  chap  thick  shell  shack  shall  chill  check  whiz  wham  then  thin

Math: We will continue learning new strategies for subtraction.


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The students are doing well on their timed math tests. Just a few reminders in order to help them at home. It is 20 problems and the timer is set for 2 minutes. We take them every M/W/F and you will have to sign the back  of the test each time. The reason I have you sign it, so you will know what facts your child is on and what they need to study. 


Religion: We will learn about the disciples.

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Science/Social Studies: We will continue learning about temperature.



Student of the Week: McKenna Tellez Coogan





  • Friday Farmers Market : Open

    Please bring the fruit/vegetable in on Friday morning.


Specials ScheduleImage result for suzy zoo

  • Monday: Library 11:00-11:40
  • Tuesday:Computer-9:00-10:00/Spanish-1:30-2:10
  • Wednesday:P.E. 9:3–10:00/Art-10:45-11:30
  • Thursday: P.E-10:30-11:00
  • Friday:Mass-8:30/Music-11:00-11:45

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: charrill@allsaintsva.org.


                                              Mrs. Harrill

                                                                              “Do small things with great love”

                                                                                                                         St. Teresa of Calcutta


“With God All Things Are Possible.”