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Weekly Schedule:

Weekly Homework: 

Monday: Please review Friday papers, remove them from the folder and sign & return the attached progress note.

M-F-Read a book each night

Wednesday: Parents that volunteered to bring in a food made with apples, please send it in. 

Thursday: Everyone needs to bring in an apple.


Monday-Wednesday 1 spelling tic tac toe completed in their book. Thursday-Pretest in their book in sorts(in their groups)


Sign behavior log and assignment book each day


This week we will be reading lots of books and comparing and contrasting them. We will be learning what a Venn Diagram is and trying a few.  I will begin the testing of reading this week. After the testing I will level the students and put them in reading groups. We will also begin our At-Home Reading program. I will send an information sheet home when this program begins. 

 Just a reminder the students should be sending in one sight word sheet a week. Several children have sent it in and are on to their 2nd sheet.  When they know all the words, sign the bottom of the sheet and send it back. I will test them and give them the next sheet. Reminder: There are 13 sheets in the program and it should be completed by Christmas.

See the source image

See the source image


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If your child comes home with a spelling sheet that is highlighted, then those are the words that they will be tested on. However, challenge your child and ask them the top of the list to see if they are retaining the sort.

If your child has a list with pictures they will be tested on all the words.


Red Group

Sorts: -ish  -ash  -ush

Words:smash  swish  crash  flush  flash  crush  blush  rash  wish  mush  dish  hush

 Yellow Group:

Sorts: -ig  -ip  -in

Words: dig  zip  rip  lip  mill  hill  pig  pill  wig

Orange Group:

Sorts: -ad  -ed  -ab  -ob

Words:   glob  cab  sled  grab  shed  glad  pad  tab  blob  sob  bad  led


Green Group:

Sorts:-et  -eg  -en

Words:leg  ten  men  pen  pet  beg  wet  net  peg  jet  hen

Math: We will continue with number sense. We will continue to work on word problems and learn ordinal positions. 



Religion: This week we will learn about Jesus and his followers.




Student of the Week: Annabelle Lane






  • Friday Farmers Market : Haley Dante’s Family

    Please bring the fruit/vegetable in on Friday morning.


Specials ScheduleImage result for suzy zoo

  • Monday: Library 11:00-11:40
  • Tuesday:Computer-9:00-10:00/Spanish-1:30-2:10
  • Wednesday:P.E. 9:3–10:00/Art-10:45-11:30
  • Thursday: P.E-10:30-11:00
  • Friday:Mass-8:30/Music-11:00-11:45

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: charrill@allsaintsva.org.


                                              Mrs. Harrill

                                                                              “Do small things with great love”

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“With God All Things Are Possible.”