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Weekly Schedule:

A BIG thank you to all the brought in food for International Day. The children loved learning about different places and loved trying all the food. Thank you to Mrs. Slater for sharing lots of information about Italy.  I hope the children shared their Passport so you know the places we visited.

Weekly Homework:

Math Homework look in assignment book

Read Book and sign log

We are ending our year with a Garage Sale. The students have been saving their Duck Dollars throughout the year in a savings account and now they will be able to clear their account on June 11th.

So if you have anything gently used or new that you would like to send in for the students to purchase, please do so next week. Many parents in the past, went to Dollar Store and purchased a few things for the garage sale. We are going to look through our prize box to see what we can put out for the sale.


This week we will learn new tools in order to sound like an expert reader.  I have completed the end of the year testing in reading. I am so excited to test the children and see them jump 3-6 levels. They have all worked so hard this year.

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Next week we will continue learning blends.

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Note that your child has their LAST spelling test On June 4th. They do not need to sort the words, just spell them.


Spelling Words Red Group:


Words: jeep  teach  peach  next  street  death  breath  beach  sail  cream  dread  throat  cheek  pray  shape  taste  aid  wrote  roam  loaf  mow  blew  right  white  quit


 Yellow Group:

Words:clue  sigh  flight  blind  mind  roam  wrote  know  dew  blew  past  shape  gain  stray  loaf  cream  sail  dread  throat  pray  death  beach  sweet  sled

Orange Group:

Words:   dream  thread  pray  gain  tray  heat  week  sweep  death  beach  slope  prune  tooth  broom  peach  flash  frame  said  toast  cross


Green Group:

Words:sack  made  last  same give  drive  think  flip  broke  chop  flute  rude  June  which  have  book  truck  flash  frame  float

Math: We will finish up fractions and begin graphing.

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Science: We will begin the study of Space.

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We will continue the study of the mass



Student of the Week: 






  • Friday Farmers Market : Open

    Please bring the fruit/vegetable in on Friday morning.


Specials ScheduleImage result for suzy zoo

  • Monday: Library 11:00-11:40
  • Tuesday:Computer-9:00-10:00/Spanish-1:30-2:10
  • Wednesday:P.E. 9:3–10:00/Art-10:45-11:30
  • Thursday: P.E-10:30-11:00
  • Friday:Mass-8:30/Music-11:00-11:45

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: charrill@allsaintsva.org.


                                              Mrs. Harrill

                                                                              “Do small things with great love”

                                                                                                                         St. Teresa of Calcutta