April 20, 2015


CYO Sports

2014 All Saints Boys Basketball
The mission of the Northern Virginia Junior Catholic Youth Organization is to organize sports programs through its member parishes for youth to reinforce Catholic values taught in parish schools and religious education programs. In addition to encouraging healthy physical activity, JCYO sports are designed to foster cooperation, respect, sportsmanship, responsibility, leadership, competitiveness, fairness and courtesy.

The All Saints JCYO Sport Program is led by Ben Magee, Director. The Leadership Team (LT) currently includes Jim Abando, Scheduler/Gym Manager, and Ann Potocnak, Registrar/Treasurer. We welcome any other parents who are interested in helping to guide the program as part of the LT – there are plenty of opportunities, short-term and long-term. Contact Ben at (is3ceo@gmail.com).

Students of All Saints School* have the opportunity to participate in the following Junior Catholic Youth Organization (JCYO) sponsored sports:

  • Basketball (grades 3-8; Winter)
  • Cheerleading (grades 4-8; Winter)
  • Track & Field/Cross Country (grades 3-8; Fall & Spring)
  • Volleyball (grades 3-8; Spring)

ALL coaching staff members over the age of 18, for ALL sports, are Virtus certified.

Information about our programs is distributed through the school e-newsletter, this web page, and, in real-time on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/eaglesatallsaints  We hope to have timely information published in the parish Sunday bulletin as well, as often as possible. If you would like to be added to the JCYO email distribution list, please contact Ann Potocnak via e-mail at potocnak3@comcast.net.

*JCYO sports are open to all members of All Saints Parish, Holy Trinity Parish, and several other programs – consult the Registration Packet for more information.

DOWNLOAD – All Saints CYO Registration Form and Packet

CYO Track & Field and Cross-Country

The All Saints Eagles Track Team is coached by a terrific ensemble, led by Maria Bright, Emma Amison, and Kim Ulrich. Our coaches have developed a robust training program focusing on technique and conditioning, appropriate to our runners’ age group, and providing the building blocks for future endeavors in track and field and cross-country events. Our young athletes can explore the events they enjoy the most, and have the opportunity to develop their skills in just those events. Our coaching staff recommends that runners work out on their own in addition to attending the organized practices, to condition their bodies.

The Fall Track & Field season starts in September, with a competitive Meet in early October. Cross Country practices begin right after that, with a practice-meet, then a final meet in early November. We wrap up the school year with the Spring Track & Field Season. Practices start in March and the meet is held in early May.

Practices are held on Sundays from 1:30-3:00pm, and on Wednesdays, time TBA. Uniforms for the meets are a team t-shirt, supplied to each athlete before the first meet, and navy blue or black shorts. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended for the Cross-Country meets, with the team t-shirt over-top the sweatshirt. A sturdy pair of shoes are needed; they don’t have to be expensive, high-end or specialty, just running-style and well-fitting.

CYO Basketball

The All Saints Eagles Basketball program attracts the most young athletes each year: enough that we field two Boys’ teams and one Girls’ team for each grade-level. We are blessed to have parents coaching year-after-year, as they follow their own children through the program. There is a great opportunity for parents interested in coaching, but not sure of taking a team on their own — become an assistant coach and learn the league system before stepping up to take on your own team. As for the athletes:.

Practices typically start in October with one practice session per week, on a weeknight. Each coach plans their own schedule, and some like to have both a weeknight and a Saturdaypractice before game play begins in early December.  A sturdy pair of shoes are needed; they don’t have to be expensive, high-end or specialty, just court-style and well-fitting. Uniforms are supplied by the JCYO — we collect all the uniforms each season and reuse them.

CYO Cheerleading

The 2014-15 season has concluded. Please stand by for information about 2015-16 in early September.


The 2015 Girls’ Volleyball season is about to start! If your young athlete is interested, please contact Ann Potocnak via email at potocnak3@comcast.net, AND download the Registration Packet from the JCYO sports main page.  Submit the registration forms and a check for the fees as soon as possible at the PARISH OFFICE.