August 17, 2015


Points for Parents

All parents of students at All Saints School have an obligation to the school to either earn 60 points over the course of the school year and/or to pay All Saints School $3.00 for each point that they do not earn in volunteer opportunities at the school. Points for Parents reports are due at the end of each quarter and can be submitted online. Outstanding fees that remain as of June 1st will be added to your tuition for the upcoming year.

Questions regarding points? Please contact or Sue Ferguson (number in the directory).


Family LAST Name:
Grade and Class for Student(s) (ie, K1, 1A, etc.):

Directions: A list of volunteer opportunities and their point values are listed under the “Points List” tab.

  • If you have a question about an item not listed, you can e-mail us at pointsforparents @ and we will let you know where your opportunity should be applied.
  • You may submit this form at any time during the school year, as many times as needed. You should list dates for field trip chaperones, skate monitors and substitute (playground, nurse, cafeteria) opportunities.
  • Items donations are per class/per event (i.e., multiple items for one event given to one child’s class count as 5 points only, but mutliple items given to the class of different children for one event would be 5 points time the number of classes).
  • Point value for volunteers hours is 3 points per hour (this includes “at home” projects).
  • Please only submit points for each opportunity ONCE. Keep your e-mail confirmation as a record of your points submitted so you don’t duplicate your submissions. You may e-mail us at pointsforparents @ (remove spaces on both sides of “@” in the email address) if you misplace your previously submitted points and want to know your total points to date.
List Your Individual Point Submissions Below
Description of Points
Points Earned

POINTS LIST 60 points (points for shared chairperson positions should be divided equally. This does not apply to Room Liaisons):

  • Milk and Ice Cream
  • Points for Parents
  • Playground/Cafeteria Chaperone
  • Playground Monitor Coordinator
  • Library – Weekly
  • Hospitality Chairperson
  • Classroom Volunteer (Weekly)
  • Pizza Party Chairperson
  • Room Liaison – All Grades (for classes with less than 4 liaisons)
  • Evening with St. Nick Chairperson
  • Band Parent
  • Scout Leader – All Saints Troop
  • School Calendar
  • School Directory
  • Extravaganza Chairperson
  • School Website
  • Fiesta Chairperson
  • PTO Executive Board Member
  • Funeral Ministry
  • Campbell Soup Coordinator
  • Technology Team Chairperson
  • Copy Coordinator

30 Points (points for shared chairperson positions should be divided equally. This does not apply to Room Liaisons):

  • Room Liaison – All Grades (for classes with 4 our more liaisons)
  • Giant/Safeway Program Chairperson
  • Classroom Volunteer (every other week)
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Catholic Schools Week Chairperson
  • CYO Coach
  • PTO General Meeting Coordinator
  • Band Shirt Coordinator
  • Parish Festival Booth Coordinator
  • Playground, Building & Grounds
  • 4H Leader – All Saints Group
  • Parade Chairperson
  • Legislative Committee
  • School Supplies Coordinator
  • Press Release Coordinator
  • Uniform Exchange
  • Sub-Committee Chair
  • Open House Refreshments Chairperson
  • Teacher Luncheon Chairperson
  • Adopt-A-Street Chairperson
  • Skate Parties Chairperson
  • Lenten Soup Kitchen Chairperson
  • Publicity & Communication Chairperson

10 Points:

  • Teacher’s Aide Substitute
  • Spruce Up School Grounds & Playground Maintenance
  • Nurse Substitute
  • Adopt-A-Street
  • Cafeteria/Kitchen Substitute
  • Extravaganza
  • Attendance at Celebrate Calm Workshop & PTO Meeting
  • Playground Chaperone Sub
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Skate Monitor
  • Legislative Committee
  • Science Fair Judge
  • PTO Ministry Coordinator

5 Points:

  • Classroom Helper (per day)
  • Lenten Soup Kitchen
  • Library
  • Parades
  • Book Fairs
  • Pizza Party
  • Typing/Collating/Copying
  • Fiesta Party
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Attendance at PTO General Assembly Meeting
  • Donation of Any Item (per class/per event)
  • Food Donation
  • Auction Class Basket Donation
  • School Tour Guide
  • Bulletin Board Designer
  • Funeral Hospitality
  • Donut Sunday
  • Committee Phone Calls
  • New Family Welcome

3 Points per hour volunteered:

  • Volunteer opportunities not listed above.
  • At home projects.