June 3, 2017


School Closings/Inclement Weather

Any changes in the daily schedule caused by inclement weather will follow the lead of the Prince William County School System. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements in advance for the care of their children should an early dismissal be necessary. Parents should instruct their children about procedures in inclement weather and inform the school of these arrangements.

In the event that the County schools are not in session or do not announce an early release due to inclement weather, All Saints will use the Emergency Phone Network to inform parents of an early release and/or contact radio stations in the area. (WMAL AM 630; WTOP AM 1500 or FM 107.7) Parents are requested to pick up their children without delay. Students who are not picked up will be cared for in Extended Day until parents can be contacted.

Prince William County offers an E-News notification system that will alert you to school closings. Click the image below to register your e-mail or cellphone number to stay informed when schools close before or during the school day!


Schools (K-8) shall be in session for 180 days. If during the course of the year, the school uses inclement weather/emergency days, it is necessary for the school to adhere to the following schedule:

Each school needs to make up the first 5 days either by borrowing days from spring break or holidays (e.g. Memorial Day) or extending the school year. Days 6-10 do not need to be made up. For days 10 and on, schools can either add on the necessary days to their calendar or extend the length of their school day to make up those days that were missed due to weather and/or emergencies.

The All Saints School calendar includes three days at the close of the year to replace any days lost to inclement weather or other events that might necessitate the closing of school. In order that faculty and parents may anticipate the scheduling of additional make-up days when necessary, the following guidelines have been implemented.

  • If school has been closed for four or more days due to inclement weather by the second Friday in January, school will be open on the holiday scheduled for the celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • If school has been closed for five or more days due to inclement weather by the second Friday in February, school will be open on the holiday scheduled for the celebration of President’s Day.
  • If school has been closed for eleven or more days by the third Friday in March, additional make-up days may be scheduled for the week of the Easter holiday, the Memorial Day holiday, or added to the end of the year, depending upon the number of days necessary.

Every family is required to have an official Emergency Form on file in the school office, listing persons authorized to pick up a child in case of emergency and authorizing the school to take appropriate action in the event that we cannot reach a parent/guardian. If information on this form changes during the course of the year, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide an update. The name and phone number of the babysitter should be included. No sick or injured student will be released from school without notifying the family. Unless a student’s life is in danger and/or immediate emergency treatment is necessary, the parent of the pupil will be consulted before any treatment is administered. If an emergency exists, the student will be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

In the event of a school emergency necessitating immediate closing of school and an inability to return to the facility following evacuation, notification will be provided to parents via the school website and/or the Emergency Phone Network as well as through announcements on radio stations, specifically WTOP and WMAL. In the event that dismissal from the school grounds is not feasible, students will be released from the fields adjoining Pennington School on the opposite side of Stonewall Road or at an alternative location determined by emergency personnel.