April 24, 2017




When entering and exiting the property please use right turns only. This will minimize the traffic on Stonewall Road and help us to maintain positive public relations with our neighbors.

With an enrollment of 550 students, it is important that we maintain procedures that insure the safety of all children, parents and staff members at All Saints. All of our procedures have been designed with this in mind. Secondly, we have organized the carpool system in a manner that enables us to keep Stonewall Road clear of traffic so that we do not disrupt the activities of neighboring businesses and residents. The following is a list of annual reminders that will help us maintain an arrival and dismissal system that is safe, efficient and courteous.


Carpool Bay Assignments: 2016-17


  • It is important that parents park only in those areas identified for our carpool system.
  • Parents are asked not to park directly in front of the school building since this area is designated a fire lane and is also used for Pre-Kindergarten dismissal and arrival.
  • Those volunteering in the school during the day are asked to park in the far end of the parking lot nearest Cardinal Bank. Please refrain from parking in the lot across from the priests’ parking area (Lot #2) since this section is reserved for parish staff use.
  • When arriving for afternoon carpool, parents are asked to refrain from parking on Stonewall Road and other areas of the property. For the safety of the children, it is important that each family participate in the school organized carpool system. Similarly, parents are asked not to park beyond section one of the carpool area. Though doing so does allow for a quick departure, it is not fair to the parents who patiently participate in the carpool each day nor does it communicate a positive message to the children. (From time to time, occasions may arise that require special exceptions. In these situations, please contact the office so that arrangements can be made for you to pick up your children.)

Arrival & Departure:

  • When entering and exiting the property please use right turns only. This will minimize the traffic backup that may occur on Stonewall Road and help us to maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors.
  • In that our carpool system brings together many people, it is a time for discussion and community building. However, once dismissal actually begins, we ask that parents wrap up conversations so that complete attention may be directed to the children and so that we might avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • When arriving for afternoon dismissal, parents are reminded to use great caution when exiting their vehicle. We recommend that parents not open their doors until the next row of cars has arrived in the adjacent parking spaces.
  • For the safety of all involved, drivers are asked not to exit the carpool lines unless directed by a staff member to do so. Teachers only wave drivers forward after verifying that the adjacent lanes are clear of pedestrian traffic.
  • Due to the business of the closing of a school day, any parent wishing to sign out their child/ren at the end of the day must do so by 2:45 p.m. (See Parent-Student Handbook.) In accordance with this policy, the office staff will no longer call students to the office after 2:45 p.m.

For Safety – Parents are reminded to refrain from using cell phones while operating their vehicles in the parking lot. With the many students, parents and staff walking across the blacktop at dismissal, it is important that parents not be distracted when driving their vehicles.

For Efficiency – Some traffic challenges are the result of cars left unattended in the carpool lanes. Parents are asked not to delay in returning to their automobiles after picking up their children so that the exit from the parking lot may begin promptly and efficiently.

Carpool/Parish Office Courtesy – Each afternoon as the school prepares for dismissal, important meetings and discussions take place in the parish office. Some of the meetings are particularly sensitive, such as in the case of parish staff assisting a family in the planning of a funeral for a loved one. Out of respect for the ministries that operate out of the parish office, parents are asked to closely supervise their toddlers to insure that any games or noise outside the parish facility are not disruptive. Everyone’s cooperation in maintaining an atmosphere of respect and consideration is appreciated.


Many All Saints parents form carpools to transport their children to and from school.

School Schedule (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
Students are asked to begin arriving at 7:40 a.m. and to be present in their classrooms when the bell rings at 8:00 a.m.  Closing prayer will take place at 3:00 p.m. with students exiting the building shortly thereafter.

Pre-Kindergarten Schedule:

Morning: Pre-K – 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Afternoon: Pre-K – 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

For those arriving from Manassas city, particularly by way of Stonewall Road, cars turn onto the property at the entrance adjacent to the Knights of Columbus facility. Upon entering the property, cars loop around the perimeter of the rear parking lot and students are dropped off within the area behind the two school wings. Students enter the facility by way of the rear doors of the new breezeway. Drivers then exit the rear parking lot by way of the same driveway adjacent to the Knights of Columbus. Drivers make only Right Turns onto and off of the property. Parents with Pre-K students are asked to use this option every day. A staff member will escort each Pre-K student from his/her car to the Pre-K classrooms.

Those arriving from other areas of the county may turn onto the property at the Stonewall entrance in front of the Parish Activity Center. Upon entering the property, cars immediately turn left and loop around the parking lot in the pattern marked by traffic cones. Students are dropped off in front of the handicapped parking area. Students then enter the facility by way of the front doors of the new breezeway. Drivers exit the front parking lot by way of the Center Street/Route 28 exit.

No children may be dropped off prior to 7:40 a.m. unless escorted to Extended Day by their parent/guardian.

School staff and safety patrols monitor both parking lots to insure the safety of everyone involved in the carpool.


Afternoon Dismissal – Revisions for the New Year 2014/2015

Students dismissed in the front of the school will gather in the courtyard.  Assembled by grade level in lines facing the Parish Activity Center, the students will await their parents who will enter the courtyard via the sidewalk leading to the PAC, pick up their children, and continue to walk around the perimeter of the courtyard before returning to their cars. While this will be a slightly longer walk for parents than in prior years, the enclosure created by the new courtyard renovation provides a safer and more restricted area for pick-up during afternoon dismissal.

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our students, children will only be released to their parents via the organized dismissal system.  Parents will not be permitted to pull their children from class lines as they exit the building or pick them up outside the main entrance at dismissal time. 

Parents will once again be assigned one of five parking areas for afternoon dismissal based upon where their last name occurs in the alphabet.  Parking assignments for the new year are posted below. All parents are asked to review these items prior to the first day of school. Parents whose children will be walking to and from school are asked to provide written authorization to the office on Orientation Day.

Parents are assigned a parking bay in order to create a sense of predictability for the students so that on rainy days the children may walk directly to their assigned area rather than waiting in lines.  On all other days, we will continue to use the “first in, first out” approach, meaning that parents assigned to the front parking lot will park in bay one as they arrive, followed by bay two and three.  Those assigned to the rear parking lot will park in bay four followed by bay five.  (Note:  It is very important that parents park only in their assigned area, i.e. front vs. back parking lots, as the system has been organized based on the total capacity for each parking area.)

Carpool Assignments: 2015-16

A few reminders:

  • Parents will pick up their child/ren as always.  (Walk through the line picking them up from the grade level line).
  • Please pick up your child/ren and return to vehicles as quickly as possible.
  • Teachers will release the bays when all cars have been loaded.
  • Follow the teacher’s directions …

Students who choose to ride bicycles to school must enter the property via the driveway adjacent to the Knights of Columbus building or the path adjoining the faculty parking lot. Upon entering the property all students must dismount and walk along the edge of the driveway/sidewalk to the bicycle rack located behind the school. All students must wear a helmet and follow the guidelines established by the city of Manassas and state of Virginia.

Students who walk home from school will be escorted from the facility by a staff member. Any students needing to cross Stonewall Road will be supervised during the crossing.

Students who remain after school for activities such as band, yearbook, or schola, report directly to the moderator’s room or gather in the music room where they are supervised until the activity begins. When the activity adjourns the teacher/moderator escorts the students to the front door of the school where they meet their parents. If students have not been picked up within 10 minutes, the teacher/moderator escorts remaining students to Extended Day.

If there is a change in your arrangements for dismissal, please notify the homeroom teacher in writing. Students will not be released to other drivers or allowed to walk home without parent permission. Parents who wish for their child to walk or ride a bicycle home must submit a note to the homeroom teacher and school office.

Parents may not park on Stonewall Road or surrounding areas. All parents/guardians are expected to participate in the school organized carpool system. For the safety of all students and personnel, the cooperation of all parents is required.


On days when inclement weather occurs during dismissal, students will be dismissed using the carpool system in a different manner than it is regularly used. Here are some points to keep in mind on these indoor dismissal days.

  • Park in the parking bays as usual.
  • Parents will be asked to stand directly in front of the row of cars in which their vehicles are parked.
  • Students will exit the building in an orderly fashion and look for their parents standing at the front of a row in their assigned bay.
  • Students will walk directly to them across the parking lot.
  • Faculty members will be present to monitor this process and there will be an assigned staff member on both sides of the building to gather and supervise those students who do not immediately see their parents.
  • Dismissal of bays will proceed as usual when all cars have been loaded.


For the safety of students and families participating in the dismissal process, parents are asked to refrain from bringing pets through the carpool lines. This will reduce the potential for allergic reactions among students and allow for an efficient and safe dismissal from school.