April 24, 2017


Virtues Program

Highlights from our 2013-14 Virtue Program

Begun over a decade ago at All Saints, the Virtue Program is a systematic approach to fostering character formation in our students. The purpose of the Virtues Curriculum is to instill in each child a desire to practice Catholic virtues both at home and at school. Although specific, structured lessons are presented on a regular basis, the core of the program is the recognition of the many “teachable moments” that arise each day.  The goal is to make the practice of Catholic virtues not just another subject, but a way of life for each student.

Each month at All Saints, we focus on a different virtue school-wide. The following is a list of virtues highlighted during the school year and celebrated during our monthly Virtues Prayer Services:

  • September – Respect & Responsibility
  • October – Self-Discipline
  • November – Generosity
  • December – Gratitude
  • January – Empathy/Compassion
  • February – Cooperation/Community Building
  • March – Honesty
  • April – Stewardship/Service
  • May – Peacemaking