June 3, 2017


Citizenship and Flag Etiquette

Jay Wilson from American Legion Post 10 discusses the history of the flag and flag etiquette as part of the 8th grade's Citizenship unit. … [Read more...]

First Day of School

We warmly welcome our students and families as we begin the 2016-17 school year. … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – February 24, 2016

Principal’s Message Last evening as parents gathered for the PTO General Assembly Meeting, they witnessed firsthand the new STEM initiatives that we’ve launched over the course of this year.  Thanks to the generosity of community members and those who have supported our Annual Fund in prior years, we have been able to provide our students with these new and engaging learning experiences. Next Monday we will launch our 4th Annual Fund, an opportunity for parents, parishioners and friends of All Saints to support our efforts through gifts of prayer, involvement and financial contributions.  Look for additional details about this program next Monday. ***************************************************************************** With the presidential primary scheduled for next … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – February 17, 2016

Principal’s Message Last week the shipment of new Chromebooks for the middle school arrived and will be deployed within the near future.  Again, we are very grateful for the tremendous generosity of an anonymous donor whose contribution of $50,000 in support of technology initiatives allowed us to take this step forward, well in advance of our target goal of September. This year, indeed, has been a time of accelerated growth and change in learning at All Saints.  Through integration of Chromebooks and Google Classroom in the middle school, the learning environment is continuing to be transformed as faculty and students discover new and powerful ways of communicating and exchanging information.  Additionally, our younger students are gaining a foundation in STEM through their hands-on … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – February 10, 2016

  Principal’s Message Recently a few questions have arisen regarding our procedures for “rainy day dismissal” and for this reason I thought it would be helpful to include some reminders in this week’s newsletter. On rainy day dismissal days, it is important that parents park in their assigned “bay”.  This creates a sense of predictability for the students, particularly the younger ones, as they look for their parents during dismissal.  Additionally, it results in a more efficient process as it is easier to reunite parents and students.  In the event that parents do not park in their assigned bays on such days, it is well possible that some sections of the lot will be filled beyond capacity necessitating that some park in other areas.  The key is for everyone to make their best … [Read more...]