May 31, 2017


Archives for June 2010

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 39

Message from the Principal On Friday evening families and friends gathered with the 8th Grade Class of 2010 to celebrate their successful completion of the program and to wish them continued success and blessings as they transition to high school. For the first time in the history of the school, graduation marked the end of a ten year journey as a number of the students were members of the first Pre-Kindergarten class at All Saints.  Begun in 2000, the Pre-Kindergarten program now celebrates ten years of introducing students and families to All Saints and providing the children with a strong educational foundation. While graduation represented an important milestone for our graduates, it was also a significant moment for a number of families for whom this was their final All Saints … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 38

Message from the Principal For the second year in a row we enjoyed spectacular weather for our annual Field Day celebration.  It was wonderful to see so many parents in attendance, assisting with the games and enjoying the day with their children and other families.  Field Day is, in fact, one of our great traditions, marking the end of the year and providing the students with a day of exciting outdoor games.  One of the parents I spoke with shared with me that as his second child enters kindergarten next year, he will be making a commitment to him to attend all of his Field Day events over the course of the next nine years.  Now that’s a family tradition! Thank you to the many families, new and veterans, who came out to enjoy the day with our community. I want to thank Mrs. Engstrom … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 37

Message from the Principal Following the announcement of our Blue Ribbon status in September, occasionally I would encounter the following question:Now that All Saints has achieved this level of success, will it become a case of business as usual with the school having already reached its peak? To discern an answer to this question, one need look no further than the results of our Terra Nova standardized tests. I am excited to share with you that some of our grade levels achieved unprecedented scores on this year’s assessment.  In summary, I am particularly pleased with the math scores in the lower grades as well as the continued level of achievement in language arts and reading, the two areas that have previously been identified as curriculum strengths at All Saints. The attached … [Read more...]