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Archives for April 2010

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 32

Message from the Principal As announced earlier in the year, one of our current goals is that of updating the existing dismissal procedures, frequently referred to as “afternoon carpool”.  The impetus for this has been our experience of rainy day dismissal, particularly during the first semester.  Recognizing the complexity of the system and the tendency for a breakdown in the process, we have been working toward a better solution. What began, however, with a focus on the process for rainy day dismissal has expanded to a review and revision of the entire dismissal system.  Recognizing that the recent growth of the school has required daily overflow parking, it is important that we identify an alternative procedure, one that will better meet our current needs and allow for future … [Read more...]

All Saints selected as a Virginia “Top School”

In a year marked by the celebration of All Saints' designation as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, we have more exciting news to share!  All Saints Catholic School was recently selected as a “Top School” for the Commonwealth of Virginia in the 2009 Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Talent Search. All Saints was one of just 100 schools in Virginia to receive this distinction. … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 31

Message from the Principal Congratulations to the members of our 8th grade class who were confirmed on Saturday.  We rejoice in their commitment to their faith and welcome them as full members of our Church! Let us pray that the outpouring of the Spirit experienced in this Sacrament will continue to inspire and guide our students in the years ahead. *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          * This week I wish to share with you the results of the Bullying Survey completed by parents and students during the first semester.  I wish to first thank Mrs. Karcher, school counselor, for all of the time and energy she invested in this important project.  I also want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Bill for tabulating the … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 30

Message from the Principal Next week all students in grades two through seven will participate in the Terra Nova standardized testing program.  As the week of testing quickly draws near, now is the time for us to complete the final “warm-up routines”.  Teachers have provided opportunities for a review of basic skills in the classroom and have been guiding the students through practice tests to familiarize them with the format and the process of “bubbling” answers. For parents interested in providing additional practice at home, there are a number of websites that provide opportunities for review and practice of basic skills.  A simple search using the keywords “Terra Nova” and “practice tests” will yield a number of sites that provide practice tests, games and activities related to math … [Read more...]