May 31, 2017


Archives for January 2010

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 21

Message from the Principal Last fall one of the school parents shared with me a brief story that in many ways captures the essence of a Catholic school education. On the Feast Day of the Archangels, her two sons came home from school and, bounding through the door, inquired as to whether they would be having a special dinner in honor of the occasion. I find this story very compelling as it speaks not only to their recognition of the feast day, but their sincere desire to celebrate it as a family. Not only did they hear the Good News that day, they felt compelled to live it and share it. This is the true benefit of a Catholic education ~ lives formed in faith! Next week we join with Catholic schools across our nation to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, an annual occasion during … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 20

Message from the Principal In the days following the earthquake in Haiti, several of the children at All Saints approached me with ideas as to how our community can provide support to those in need. Moved by the tragedy unfolding before their eyes through news reports, they were compelled to step forward to make a difference. I am so proud of their generosity and initiative. As a Catholic school community, the catastrophe in Haiti is an important teachable moment in the lives of our children. Through meaningful outreach they can join with the international community currently providing aid and at the same time, know that they, in their own way are connected and contributing. With the stories and images surrounding us each day, it is important that the children have an opportunity … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 19

Message from the Principal One of the wonderful qualities of our school is the high level of energy and enthusiasm that surrounds our programs. From the continued pursuit of excellence by teachers and students to the generosity of our PTO and parent volunteers, All Saints is an exciting place to be. This week I wish to draw your attention to an innovative strategy now being utilized in the library. Integrating technology and literacy, Mrs. Coyle and Mrs. Geary have launched Book Chatter, a series of podcasts featuring students of All Saints. Already, three volunteer students have recorded brief reviews of a favorite book. These reviews are posted on our school website for parents and students to enjoy. This is just one more example of how All Saints is committed to providing a … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – Volume 10, Issue 18

Message from the Principal Happy New Year! I hope that you enjoyed a beautiful celebration of Christmas, made all the more memorable by the historic snowstorm. In accordance with diocesan policy regarding inclement weather, our school is required to make-up the first five “snow days” that occur during the year. As announced last spring, these days will be rescheduled during the week of Easter. (In recent years the make-up days have been added to the end of the year. In consideration of the fact that the final day of school without any inclement weather is Wednesday, June 16th, an alternate option was identified by a faculty committee last year when it was realized that adding days to the end of the year may have resulted in our final day occurring on Wednesday, June 23rd.) … [Read more...]